If you need advice about how to store your ADR goods safely and responsibly and also a transporter you can trust to transport hazardous substances, look no further. With our knowledge, experience and ADR, SQAS and PGS15 certifications, we know exactly how to handle ADR goods.
Transporting chemicals

SQAS certified

With an SQAS score of > 90%, you can rely on us to transport chemical goods safely and responsibly. The SQAS standard focuses on the quality, safety and security of ADR transport and distribution. The standard helps us to avoid extremely dangerous situations, including fires, leaks, explosions and accidents, and also to protect humans and the environment.

Which classes do we transport?

Overview of ADR classes

The ADR is otherwise known as the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. In which ADR class(es) do(es) your goods fall? We transport nine of the 13 classes; see the table below:

  • Class 1: Explosive substances
  • Class 2: Gases √
  • Class 3: Flammable liquids √
  • Class 4.1: Flammable solids √
  • Class 4.2: Substances liable to spontaneous combustion √
  • Class 4.3: Substances that release gases in contact with water √
  • Class 5.1: Oxidising substances √
  • Class 5.2: Organic peroxides
  • Class 6.1: Toxic substances √
  • Class 6.2: Infectious substances
  • Class 7: Radioactive substances
  • Class 8: Caustic substances √
  • Class 9: Various hazardous substances and items √


Warehousing Checmicals

PGS15 certified

Our ADR warehouse in Roosendaal is PGS15 certified and has 9,000 m2 of storage space for hazardous substances and ADR goods. We store substances from almost all of the ADR classes (see warehousing). Our warehouse has five separate, temperature-controlled compartments for the simultaneous storage of hazardous substances from a number of ADR classes.

See the PGS15 certificate
ADR-trained and ADR-equipped

Employees and fleet

Qualified safety advisers
Our two qualified safety advisers on the transport of hazardous substances are responsible for preventing hazards during ADR transports. They help to safeguard the safety of people, property and the environment.

ADR-certified employees
Our drivers and warehouse employees safely package, load and transport ADR goods. They have an in-depth knowledge of a number of subjects, including labelling, document layout, stowage, mixed loads and tunnel and route selection.

Well-equipped trucks
In line with legislation and regulations, our trucks are equipped with an ADR set that includes personal protective equipment (PPE), signage, absorption material, sealants and digging equipment, traffic cones and flashlights.


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