Distribution in the Benelux

Is it vital for you that the distributor delivers your shipments in the Benelux within 24 hours? And do you need real-time access to the status of your shipments and a company that goes the extra mile for you when you need it to? If so, you will be pleased to know that we are guided by our agreements with you at all times. Our employees are helpful and we – and our partners – always deliver on time.
Delivery time for Benelux shipments

Delivered within 24 hours as standard

We deliver shipments destined for the Netherlands and Belgium within 24 hours and shipments to the Wadden islands and the Belgian Ardennes within a maximum of 48 hours. Our delivery time for Luxembourg is 48 hours too. If you would prefer your shipment to be delivered later, that’s not a problem: just let us know.

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Distribution in the Benelux

In collaboration with partners

Hereijgers Benelux Transport – which has been part of the BAS Group since 2007 – has been distributing shipments ranging from package shipments and partial shipments to full loads in the Benelux since 1929. Our distribution specialist transports and manages transport. Depending on the size of your shipment and its destination, we use either our own drivers and trucks to deliver your shipments or one of our distribution partners.

Transport partners
since 1929

Hereijgers Benelux Transport

Are you worried about distribution in the Benelux? Do shipments often arrived damaged or late? Are you finding that your current distributor isn’t able to offer you the flexibility you need? Hereijgers Benelux Transport, part of the Bas Group and launched in 1929, guarantees the delivery of shipments within 24 hours: Ranging from two boxes to a number of pallets. Depending on the destination and size of the freight to be transported, Hereijgers will transport shipments itself or arrange delivery via one of our regional distribution partners.

Distribution in the Netherlands

The DistriXL partnership is made up of a total of eight regional distributors; Hereijgers is one of these distributors and arranges all distribution activities in Zeeland and West-Brabant. The partners exchange freight five nights a week, which they then deliver in their own regions the next day. The advantages for you: national coverage and sustainable transport.

Distribution in Belgium

We transport shipments destined for North Belgium ourselves and arrange for all other shipments to be delivered by our partner Mert Logistics. We exchange freight every night. It delivers our freight in South Belgium and the Ardennes and we deliver its freight in the Netherlands.

Distribution in Luxembourg

Every Monday and Thursday, we deliver your shipments bound for Luxembourg via our distribution partner Mert Logistics. If you have any other shipments for Luxembourg, we are always pleased to schedule extra deliveries for you. Mert comes back with return shipments for us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A local-level distribution network in the Benelux

If you have packages that need to be delivered to consumers or shops, you will be pleased to know that our vans – and the vans of our partners DistriXL and Mert Logistics – travel and deliver to every location. Whether your shipment is a box, bundle or small pallet, or a big, heavy or awkward package, you can rely on it being delivered within 24 hours.


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