It has been important to us to consciously adopt a certain approach to people and the environment since back in the beginning of the 1990s. Sustainable developments like Smart Modal Solutions, the DigiCMR app and the NEXTDriver programme show that, here at BAS, more environmentally-conscious business practices go hand in hand with competitive rates and the provision of a good service to our customers.

Reducing CO2 emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions is the most important spearhead of our CSR policy. Our euro-6 trucks are clean, fuel-efficient and quiet and our trailers are suitable for multimodal transport: transporting goods via more sustainable and less expensive modalities like rail and sea transport. Because efficient driving behaviour leads to a reduction in diesel consumption and CO2 emissions, the NEXTdriver programme – which helps drivers optimise their driving styles – is very important.

More paperless processes

We keep our use of paper to a minimum and have digitalised all our administrative processes, like correspondence and invoicing. (Many of) our logistics processes have been digitalised too. For example, we have been using the DigiCMR app, which replaces paper consignment notes with online ones, since 2020. This reduces paper use and is kinder to the environment.

Energy-efficient business premises

With plenty of daylight streaming through the glass façade of our head office in Etten-Leur (the Netherlands), there’s less need for artificial light. We keep our energy consumption to a minimum with LED lighting, low-emission glass, movement sensors and energy-saving water taps. The 423 solar panels on the building generate about 50% of the energy we need.

The sustainable deployment of employees

We offer a safe, pleasant and healthy work environment in which employees are able to work and grow freely, independently and with pleasure. We care about the person behind the employee, his/her personal development, physical health, participation in decision-making, team spirit and diversity. We give students, graduates and people who are finding it difficult to gain employment all the opportunities they need. Our sickness absence rate is 1.31% (2020).

We donate to good causes

‘Better a good neighbour than a distant friend’. With this saying in mind, we like to support local sports clubs, like Stichting IJgenwys, Stichting Leergeld, and a rescue centre for native birds and mammals (Vogelrevalidatiecentrum). We particularly like to support good causes that help children, animals and athletes. We really welcome initiatives by our employees too, like climbing the Alpe d’Huez to raise money for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding).

Request information about your CO2 footprint!

Are you thinking about the CO2 emissions your shipments generate? Would you like to help reduce your ecological footprint? You can do this by accepting a longer transit time, which enables us to load trucks fuller and use rail and sea transport, which is more sustainable. Your CO2 emissions and freight costs will fall as a result. Longer transit times result in a win-win situation for you and the environment.

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